PCR Tests Cannot Confirm Infection

The No Agenda Show has listeners from all over the globe and from all walks of life. They are called producers as they don’t just listen to the program but contribute to it in a variety of ways with their Time, Talent and Treasure.

While the No Agenda Show focuses on deconstructing Mainstream Media narratives, producers will often contribute ‘boots on the ground’ reports relating to, and often directly contradicting, these popular narratives. Such is the case regarding Producer Jonahgold from Sweden who has been in contact with the FolkHälsomyndigheten, the Swedish version of the CDC, and has squeezed some very interesting admissions from them.

The FolkHälsomyndigheten replied to Jonahgold’s multiple requests with, and later published on their website, their Guidance on Criteria for Assessing the Freedom of Infection. Spoiler alert: PCR tests are useless. From the official position paper:

The PCR technology used in tests to detect viruses cannot distinguish between viruses capable of infecting cells and viruses that have been neutralized by the immune system and therefore these tests cannot be used to determine if someone is contagious or not.

translated by Google Translate from Swedish

When Jonahgold continued to press the FolkHälsomyndigheten for more details they replied via email, in part:

We therefore recommend taking the sample when you have symptoms compatible with covid-19, … positive test response in combination with symptoms indicates active infection.

translation from Swedish provided by Jonahgold, empasis mine

So while asymptomatic infections may exist, an asymptomatic person with a positive PCR test is not necessarily infected with the virus nor are they necessarily contagious.

The takeaway? Any person who has been exposed to the virus and who’s healthy immune system has prevented active infection (with no possibility of infecting others) will still present the virus’ genome to a PCR test and ‘test positive’. As The No Agenda Show has been discussing for months now, the number of infections reported breathlessly by the Mainstream Media must be grossly inflated if every person that has been exposed to the virus, presumably almost everyone by now, is considered a dead-man-walking and Typhoid Mary all in one.

Listen to John and Adam discuss the email and its implications below:

The original release from the FolkHälsomyndigheten is linked here.

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