NSSM-200: The Kissinger Report

The National Security Study Memorandum, otherwise known as the Kissinger Report, is the United States’ response to the UN’s World Population Plan of Action and demonstrates America’s solidarity with the depopulation agenda. It began as a classified document but was later declassified and became available to the public. The premise is that there are too many people, especially in the less developed countries, which is a threat to our national security. The document discusses using food scarcity as a weapon and exploiting the resources of other countries.

You may notice themes emerge that are similar to those in the UN’s World Population Plan of Action: Indoctrinating women into believing that motherhood is oppressive, indoctrinating people into believing large families are bad, using propaganda, environmentalism, and promoting abortion.

They hide their genocidal agenda amidst a flurry of data while they take extra precaution to “avoid any appearance of coercion” and appear benevolent. Why would a philanthropic movement need to make efforts to appear as though they are good actors? Evil loves to announce that it is good, but true goodness is self-evident and requires no fanfare.

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