Agenda 2030

This is the United Nations’ 70th General Assembly which, as the subheading reads, seeks to transform the world by the year 2030. This reads like other UN documents, dressed up in philanthropic motivations like empowering women, though those familiar with the UN’s agenda will see that they care very little about actually empowering women, and only promote the cause for purposes of depopulation. To sum up the agenda, these elites seek to exert global control over a number of things, taking control of the earth’s resources, limiting what is allowed to be owned and consumed, and enforcing restrictions under the guise of climate change. As stated, they wish to free the world from the “tyranny of poverty” and heal the planet. A reading of the UN’s World Population Plan of Action will reveal that they correlate “healing the earth” and “ending poverty” with depopulation. Of course poverty cannot exist where there are no people. Problem solved. 

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